Fall/Winter Events Raids:

  • First Saturday starting at 1pm until 4 Local Raids. Meet ups start at Labine Park near FairGrounds Elementary: Join the companies Discord 

  • Scheduled Pokemon walks around areas. Looking for Volunteers that would like to host a walk. Send us an email if you would like to organize a walk.

Pokemon Go Raids

Search for new coordinator for this

Small group events that will Carpool to local gyms and other local hot spots to collect and capture gyms and pokemon together.

This is for fun. All should carry at few dollars to cover own lunches and possibly help with gas.

Some Events will include picture taken to post on our Facebook page. Funny Pictures, Group Shots and more.

Pokemon Raids will be posting on Facebook page to help others coordinate for locations during the day.

Typically doing these events every other weekend 10:30ish. Watch for posting on Facebook or Twitter.

Check back here often for updates for special events