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Includes the following modes: 1). Burst mode 1 2). Burst mode 2 3). Burst mode 3 4). RF 5/sps 5). RF 8/sps 6). RF 10/sps Cap Buster 7). RF 15/sps 8). RF 20/sps 9). RF 40/sps 10). RF 80/sps 11). SMG/LMB Burst 12). Aim Kneel 13). Caffeine Freak 14). Quick Aim Rapid Fire 15). Crackhead Bob ADS 16). Drop Shot RF 10/sps 17). Jump Shot 18). Akimbo RF 7/sps 19). Akimbo RF 11/sps 20). Quickscope 21). Zombie Auto Aim RF 12/sps 22). Juuju Hop RF 10/sps 23). Juuju voodoo 24). Halo Ultimate RF 25). Halo DRM Auto 26). RF anti recoil 27). Ultimate Quickscope - Basic Operating Instructions: To turn on rapid fire press the custom button on the back of the controller once. Led 4 will now be on. Pressing the custom button will move you to the next mode and flash the number for which mode you are in. Holding down the LT and pressing the button will move you to the previous mode. On/Off: To turn the mod off, hold down the button until the LED 4 light goes out. Tapping the button will turn the mod back on and bring it back into the mode it was in before it was turned off.


The HipShotDot is the gaming industry's first powered red dot sight attachment for your television. The HipShotDot replaces or enhances your in game sights with a physical USB powered red dot sight. This attachment is made of sturdy and durable materials and is designed for long-lasting use. Improve your KDR, perfect your trick scope, run and gun and shoot from the hip like never before. Level up with the HipShotDot!


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