Gamers Sanctuary online Tournaments are one-of-a-kind competitive events where the best local players and even nationally-recognized players compete in all kinds of video games from past to present.

Our list of scheduled tournaments is growing and will be posted here as dates are confirmed and registration is available.

We also do many Tournaments during our Conventions. Which those tournaments will also be posted here.

Wounded Warrior Tournament

Team vs Team in Team Death Match

Game: Sniper: Ghost Warrior 1, 2 & 3

Publisher: City Interactive

Developer: City Interactive

Genre: Shooter

Game Description: Can you help a ragtag group of rebels rise up against a hostile military command that has taken over the government of Isla Trueno? Once the democratic government is overthrown, the evil military command takes power.Aspecialopsunitcomesinto help local rebels do the work that requires a trained sniper for success. But sniper missions aren't all, players will participate in numerous scenarios to help out the outmanned, outgunned rebels.

Online Tournament is Last Friday Every Month (except November and December)

Time 8pm eastern standard time. 


Xbox Iive Gold Membership

Mic (please no Kinect, if so keep volume low so doesn't echo)

Sniper Ghost Warrior with Map Pack

Team Deathmatch. Maps not selected best out of 3 maps. 25 minute matches

Mini of 4 players per team, teams must be all in their own party once match starts.

Map and teams haven't been selected. Team captains haven't been selected.

If player can't make the event, he can have another player sub in his place.

Tournament will be recorded and posted on Facebook page.

Rules will be hardcore: no compass, no red dot, no off map or glitches allowed.

Cost $5 per person

Please friend request on Xbox live (RenegadeDipDip)

Simple rules:

Game won't stop if your game freezes or you lose host. All games are on our main server through comcast business (278mbps). Never had problems from our end so, no complaining that it's us.

If you have a battery powered controller we won't stop mid game because it died. 

Spawn killing you will get a verbal warning, then a written warning and then kicked.

More rules may apply if things start getting out of hand. Host is ref, and ref has final say.


One month Xbox live gold card per player on team

Once you start the process please put in note section of payment process your first name and Gamertag.


Need a required 6 players to start. If not a full 6 players we can bump time to the following event. Players that payed will automatically be shifted to next event.

Also, no refunds on no shows.

challenge the Company Owner

One Match One Map One Hour One Winner

All Out Death Match

Map: Challengers Choice

Hardcore (no compass & no red dot)

Only one winner

Bragging Rights and get to shame the Owner

More details will be posted as we get closer

Free for SGW Sniper Group Members

Non Group Members $5 to enter

clan members in house Fall/Winter tournaments. Please refer to Facebook Page.

Outsiders that would like to join or participate please email us for more info. Always open.

Rainbow Six Seige 5 vs 5 tournament Challenge.

Third Friday Nights of the Month.

Must have a squad of 5 gamers

Xbox one with Xbox live membership of course.