Gamers Sanctuary LLC

Multi player gaming lounge on giant movie screens

The Ultimate Video Game Lounge with Giant Movie Screens that has PS3,Xbox 360, and many more consoles to choose from. From NES to Today's newer Consoles. Game chairs that interact with the games you play. Controllers that keep your hands nice and cool (built in fans) for those long game times. You'll have to see and try it once to love our setup.

This is a safe place for all kids and teens. We will be keeping it that way. Want all parents to trust and be on board with our rules on game rating. We want to have your parents trust and your children's enjoyment in our facility.


New Arcade Cabinet Project

Help us bring more gaming to you and others

Starting winter we are going to start building customized arcade cabinets.

Yes like the ones you seen in older arcade centers, but ours will be a tad different.

Are plans are to build some retro up to today's games plus some customized games.

Our first two cabinets will have: Celeberity Death Match and MLP Fighting Is Magic

Two fighting games that you normally wouldn't see.

Gamers Sanctuary would like to make about 15 cabinets before next spring. With your help and support this dream can be a reality.

Some fundraisers will be taking place to help with this project. So please join us on those events.

October we will have a way to support this in a way that gets you a even great deal. 

Example; donate a cost of a cabinet and your name will be engraved into the cabinet with a invite to come and test out the cabinet first before anyone else.